[development] Re: Why Drupal 4.7 is late? (long)

Allie Micka allie at pajunas.com
Tue Jan 17 21:39:35 UTC 2006

On Jan 16, 2006, at 9:11 AM, Larry Garfield wrote:
> Doesn't that double the load on the
> server, since Drupal gets built up, processes the request,  
> redirects, and
> then gets built up AGAIN to display the page it was already at?   
> What's the
> advantage of the goto, when the downside is doubling the load on  
> the system?

While an obvious point, it's also worth mentioning that you're not  
doubling the entire site's load.  The goto and the second call to  
Drupal only happen on form-posting activities, and the page content  
isn't downloaded the first time round.  So while Drupal is getting  
built up twice, the expensive part of sending out the page request  
only occurs once.

I know that you know this, but it helps to think of things in a cost/ 
benefit mindset.  Most sites are read-heavy, so the redirect only  
occurs on a very small percentage of requests.  Even an active site  
will see less than 1 post for every 500 views, so creating a 501th  
request is well worth it to reap the benefits already discussed in  
this thread.

Allie Micka
pajunas interactive, inc.

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