[development] Tag your 4.6 modules

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Jan 18 14:13:13 UTC 2006

A real mistake is being made by developers who have modules for 4.6, are 
updating them to 4.7, yet have not tagged them as 4.6. The first time I 
encountered this was with the devel module. I submitted a task request 
to lock the 4.6 version, but it hasn't been done:

Now I've encountered the same problem with the sections module. The 
sections module is great for solving a number of specific problems, and 
people like to use it. It used to work with 4.6, but now it doesn't. 
Why? Because the same version (1.9), painstakingly and lovingly updated 
to use the Forms Api, is now in both the 4-6 and 4-7 branches.

Disclaimer: I am a CVS noob. I have never tagged anything for 4.6 or 
4.7, but I recently got instructions for Moshe on how to do this, and 
before I start porting any module to 4.7, I will make sure a 4.6 tag exists.

If we don't take care of this problem now, while we're still pre 4.7 
release, it will just be harder later to go back and repair the damage. 
Don't let your 4.6 modules go extinct because you didn't tag them.


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