[development] bug party reportback

ae2005 kae2005 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 20 00:02:35 UTC 2006

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This is my humorous write-up.  Hope the humor is okay.  Many thanks to

Many thanks to everyone to came to the bugfix party yesterday. When I
showed up at ten til 9, there were already 6 people waiting. At the
height of the party I think there were about 24 people in the channel.

Chx sported his black DrupalCon t-shirt, which gave him extraordinary
bug-squashing powers. Chx threatened to communicate in Hungarian if
people didn't do x.
Dries came and committed several patches. Dries threatened to do x if
people didn't do y. Many thanks also to Dries for publicizing the bug
party on the front page of drupal.org. 

Thanks to webchick who prepared a wiki bugtracker.

Gordon Heydon (Australia) who came before breakfast and coffee and
squashed a bug won the award for earliest-rising bug squasher. Thanks to
Mozillamonks for offering to take on the biggest bug (just about the
last known show-stopper bug). Apparently he didn't know that it was the
biggest bug. Thanks also to uwe, wtanaka, mozillamonks, nsk, drumm, and
rkerr, for committing patches and fixing bugs. Sorry if I forgot anyone
(they didn't list themselves on the wiki).

I left after 11.5 hours, and it was still going. Some people came at the
time after getting off work in the U.S. Drumm and Crell and m3averick
were holding down the fort. 

great party. thank you everyone,

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