[development] ALL Contrib maintainers: UTF-8 update

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Sat Jan 21 03:02:12 UTC 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 21:01, Steven Wittens wrote:
> Heads up,
> I committed my UTF-8 patch (http://drupal.org/node/40515). Looks big, 
> but it really isn't /that/ scary. (*)
> But because of this, we need to apply an upgrade to all tables. So, if 
> you have a contrib module with tables, please go to:
> http://drupal.org/node/22218#utf8_sql
> ( http://drupal1.osuosl.org/node/22218#utf8_sql )
> Don't worry, it's just a quick copy/paste operation, really. Takes only 
> 5 minutes. Aren't you glad drumm made that awesome update system? ;)
> Thanks,
> Steven Wittens

Eek! I happened to be building a new sandbox site for myself and checked out
CVS just before or just after you committed that update. When I try to run the
update.php script against my previous 4.7 HEAD database, it loops endlessly
doing.....something. I'm not sure what it's up to, but the behavior is
repeatable. Maybe I'm the only one to whom this will happen, because I may have
gotten a weird half-updated Drupal snapshot, but I thought I ought to report it.
In this case, no big deal -- just a sandbox, and I can nuke it and start over.
But I wouldn't want this to happen on a production site.

Yes, I know to back up my database first. In this case, I didn't bother because
of it being a sandbox. :-)

It seems as if maybe the hang is in a redirection, because I was seeing repeated
HTTP requests in my "netstat" output.

I'm going to rebuild the site. Again, I'm not asking for help solving this,
because I think I just got a bogus half-committed version, but I wanted to
report it just on the off chance that someone else also sees it and it starts
to smell like a pattern.


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