[development] Re: Mass import of HTML?

Seth Cohn sethcohn at gnuhampshire.org
Sat Jan 21 04:18:20 UTC 2006

> xstatic module: In use by a large Drupal site to wrap existing HTML.
> Unreleased despite  talk   about  it being released.

Thanks for the headsup (didn't know it existed)
but it's in CVS now (4 weeks old)


Suffers from same fundamental problem as WGhtml: it's a hack, to
display old html, but it's not creating nodes... which is the goal
here - true drupal nodes as an end result.
Cut and paste does that, of course.

One more existing prior attempt that doesn't _quite_ fit the bill as
written is importpage:

Requires entering a URL into a form to grab a single existing page,
and the node type is forced to 'book', but overall, this is likely the
closest, and the code might be massagable into something more

> Add to the features: (optional) Upon import, create an alias for each
> new node with the existing URL of the page so that you do not get
> 404s.

Yes, adding a path should be trivial, since file XYZ.html should get a
path set of XYZ.html
If the script recurses into subdirectories, pay attention to that as well.

I'm looking for a equivalent of Killes' scripts in Devel module that
import taxonomy terms...
doesn't have to be user friendly or with a pretty interface... this is
a one time thing.

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