[development] Re: Mass import of HTML?

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Sat Jan 21 04:54:42 UTC 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 23:34, John VanDyk wrote:
> I've just done a major site migration by pushing the site into 
> subscribe.module through XML-RPC. The site I was pushing in had 
> metadata which I mapped to vocabularies. It took some hacking but the 
> result was pleasant as it was 1400 nodes, 700+ terms. So that's 
> another option; probably not the easiest at this point.

This sounds like an interesting option for a site I need to convert in
the next several months, with about 1500 pages. I don't have embedded
metadata, but the directory structure of the existing site would let me
generate at least the basics. Would you consider sharing your script in
the hints/tips section of the Drupal contrib/sandbox area? I'm betting
a number of folks would be interesting in seeing what you've done, and
maybe using the code as a starting point. I have no illusions that it
would work as-is for my needs, but adapting might be quicker than coding
from scratch.

Kind regards,


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