[development] ALL Contrib maintainers: UTF-8 update

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Jan 21 08:50:38 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 21 januari 2006 04:47, schreef Gordon Heydon:
> If you are running php5, then there is a fatal bug that I found. Try
> running the update script with js turned off, and you will see the
> error.
> I actually found the Firefox NoScript extension really handy for this.

I reported a bug here. When there is *any* fatal error in PHP (being due to 
contribs etc or anything else) then the nice progressbar just hangs. It is 
not PHP endless looping. Just that there is no longer any proper feedback.

FWIW: just deleting update.js (moving) is a very easy trick too.

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