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Sat Jan 21 12:45:46 UTC 2006


Op zaterdag 21 januari 2006 12:33, schreef Mohsen Pahlevanzadeh:
> Dear all,
> I need to others can see their profiles.
> What is relative URL ?
> Yours,Mohsen

You have been literally spamming the support list with help lately. Some of 
the question were very easy to find, had you searched Drupal.org.

Please remember that support is given by volunteers. In other words: you are 
asking others to give you very valuable time and information for free. So 
always think twice, before you post for support. 

Also, always provide:
* Links to other information you found.
* Descriptions why that information did not help you
* What you tried
* What you expected
* What you got instead

And please, please do not mail the developers mailinglist with support 

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