[development] Re: Evil hack: admin/modules without memory

Seth Cohn sethcohn at gnuhampshire.org
Sun Jan 22 19:24:17 UTC 2006

Adrian wrote a few ways:
> All modules should be in their own directories to begin with.

With the current setup, in order to upgrade easily & cleanly, my
latest approach is to put all modules I've added (ie those beyond the
ones shipping with CS, which is my base) within a single 'Custom'
directory.  All modules go into subdirectories of this single
directory, to allow me to easily in one fell swoop, move the bundle of
'this website's modules' into a new install, an upgrade, etc..

I'm going to argue _against_ forcing a single hierarchy of 'all
modules must be in their own directory with /modules' for this reason.
 While it might make sense, the current setup is far more flexible... 
 I was using this sort of 'unpack new module into own directory into
/modules' approach each time, and then hating doing upgrades/etc, when
I realized there was nothing stopping from me putting 'my modules'
into a subdirectory for ease of tracking/backup/etc.  Please don't
make me go back to the harder way of doing, _regardless_ of any
argument 'but now the system can upgrade modules...' - I want to be
able to 'bundle'.  Developers _should_ be able to bundle (put multiple
modules into one directory), etc.

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