[development] Evil hack: admin/modules without memory restrictions

Vernon Mauery vernon-drupal at mauery.com
Sun Jan 22 23:34:16 UTC 2006

Khalid B wrote:
> Allie
> I agree with  you that an ini format may be better than the
> hypothetical format I used, let us go for that instead.

Why would a registry style format be good?  Why not use a format that native to
php, like an associative array?  We already do this with settings.php.

> But I have to disagree that modules should share files. This brings us
> back to a centralized file that has to be updated (reminiscent of
> Windows registry).



> If we mandate that each module should have its own directory, then let
> each module get its own ini file (modulename.ini), and then we can 
> have in it anything we like in the future. Module maintainers still
> distribute something that is self contained.
> The only snag is that core has to be reorganized to have directories.
> Now, all this would have to tie into the automated install that is
> under development (was it Vlado who was last working on it?). Are we
> discussing something that is opposed to what he is doing, or something
> that overlaps it, or something that compliments it?

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