[development] evaluating modules; using forum threads

ae2005 kae2005 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 27 16:30:41 UTC 2006

In terms of providing a way to evaluate modules, I do think it's good to
provide a link to key forum threads.  It'd be good on the page where the
module is downloaded to link to one or more key forum threads.

Here is an example of what I've done in terms of trying to get paypal
subscription to work.  At node
http://drupal.org/node/44295 I've tediously logged 6 things to try
(listed at the end of this email) and all relevant forum threads.

I've promised kieran that I'll try to write a page in the handbook once
I have it working. (I'm still in the sandbox right now.)

I think this is an example of a really valuable thread that I think it's
good for the handbook or the module to link to in some way. Two reasons:
1) the info becomes available immediately, and does not depend on my
getting it working live and taking the time to write it up
2) even if I write it up, the 3 paragraphs recommended length could not
be as helpful to people struggling with a problem as the 10 pages of
text (according to my word processor) that's available on the thread

I've copied over the content of my last post to give you a sense of the
if paypal sub is not working for you, here are some things to try:
here are the changes i made yesterday:
1) changed paypal settings in drupal: set on libcurl (default is fsock).
i confirmed libcurl is compiled into php by asking my hosting provider
(if set incorrectly, this will cause the "invalid item id number" error)
2) changed customer service email on paypal to match developer/webmaster
3) inserted sandbox into url in paypal settings in drupal (this tip only
if you are using paypal's developer sandbox)
4) earlier, synchronized all email addresses across drupal and paypal
5) took any numeric characters out of product description on paypal and
on drupal.
6) (had done earlier) make sure administer subscriptions is enabled in
access contro


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