[development] Re: fixed project releases

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jan 27 22:20:07 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 27 januari 2006 21:52, schreef Moshe Weitzman:
> if you don't want old issues to change status on you, then associate
> them with a modern release. thats all. no timestamp change. it is not
> like we are deleting the issues.

And in addition, I found that after a closing frenzy of mine, some people 
rushed in and reopened them! great: those issues are really issues. But a 
vast mayority of the issues that i commented "please re-open if you still 
have this problem, or otherwise feel this is still an issue" is never ever 
opened. I expect the mayority of these notes is not even read!

So, if there are five valid isssues on menu, we should bookmark them now, or 
else post a "bump". so that they can eitehr be reopened or are not closed at 

You really don't want to know what you come across when you "start at the 
bottom" closing issues. Its madness.


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