[development] Remove PHP filter by default

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Sun Jan 29 21:58:37 UTC 2006

Syscrusher wrote:

> IMO, all this proposal does is to make it less convenient for those who want
> to use PHP pages, while doing nothing to actually improve the quality of
> the code found on such pages. We should document known security risks and
> publish "best practices" as part of the Drupal handbooks, but we should not
> limit the flexibility of the system.
> Scott

Agreed.  As the site administrator and creator, I can create customized views 
into the data easily using PHP pages.  It would take 10 times as long to write 
a custom module to do the same work -- and then I have the overhead of yet 
another module.  Usually I just need to insert 3 to 10 lines of PHP code into 
my page to accomplish what I needed.  Why write an entire module for that?


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