[development] authentication module without the @foo

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Jan 30 17:54:28 UTC 2006


I recently developed mysql_auth module [1]. Its rather silly/small, but still 
usefull. It allows users to authenticate against any other database, not 
nessecarily in drupal form, postgre works too, despite the name.  I am 
testing now, but will release as soon as I have this last issue solved :)

Right. What I want, is to get the authentication to be performed for any user. 
Not just user at foo, but if Joe is not fond local, then it should check for Joe 
in the other table. Drupal has this hardcoded, so the authentication hooks 
cannot do this. 

But I was wondering if there is another way to authenticate users? Some 
user_load trick I am not aware of? Ot maybe a patch that I can +1 to remove 
the hardcoded @ check?


[1] http://help.sympal.nl/user/help#mysql_auth

PS: I know about the way to share user tables but that is
 a) only usefull for tables in the form of drupal tables. (you cannot check 
for MyStrangeAPPusers)
 b) not perfect, because you need to share a /lot/ of tables, also ones like 
the {sequences}. it has side effects
 c) not very safe if you want to allow users from A to log in on B but those 
from B not on A.
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