[development] help w/ testing our new trashbin feature

Chad Phillips - Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Mon Jan 30 20:39:35 UTC 2006

i'm not clear on number 3: i tried the exact same sequence you  
outlined using the test account, and the node recovered just fine.   
can you be more specific?

as to hooks, the trashbin feature works through all the current hook  
systems, node, user, etc.  so anything that was normally deleted  
outright will now be moved to the trashbin, then recovered when the  
deleted 'package' is recovered.  table dependencies are a bit tricky,  
but i believe i've got a system in place that will do a fine job of  
testing any data that's about to be recovered for the relevant data  
it depends on

> 1)  create blog entry: works
> 2) delete entry: no confirmation, straight to trash. nice. saves time.
> 3) recover from trash via the message box that says it's been deleted:
> 4) Go to trash, then recover: works.
> Questions: are there enough hooks for things like url aliases ?
> (delete node = delete alias; recover node = recover alias?)
> -Arnab

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