[development] Front page module - The way it should be.[tm]

Trae McCombs occy at occy.net
Tue Jan 31 01:45:48 UTC 2006


Sorry, I'm a bad boy... I created an issue.

Earl Miles wrote:
> Trae McCombs wrote:
>> Hey peeps,
>> Since Gerhard was thinking the module isn't maintained, I thought I'd 
>> stick a comment here on the list.
>> Currently, when you install the front page module, you have to go and 
>> change:
>> admin > settings > "node" to "front_page" if you want your stuff to 
>> show up.
>> To us "dorky end users", this is quite confusing.  I would suggest 
>> that there is something inside the: admin > settings > front_page area 
>> that says:
>> [x] Enable this option site wide.
>> Help text: *** Warning, if you enable this, when people visit: 
>> your_drupal_site.com they will see what you have put here on this 
>> front page form.  To change this action back, simply disable this option.
>> --- This would then actually go set node to be front_page --
>> ...
>> What do you guys(gals) think?
> Easy to do, the option is just set via variable. You can even be smart 
> on the form and look at the variable, and put up text saying "front_page 
> isn't currently set as your default front page" like web browsers do, 
> and not show the checkbox at all (or even a nice happy "front_page is 
> set as your front page!") message.

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