[development] Cache troubles

Tamir Khason tamirk at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 18:14:17 UTC 2006

Another topic - might be very seriouse bug. In cache module (and even without)
To reproduce in 4.7:
a) With cache on
1) Enable localization and change default language to localized, after
it disable english.
2) Enable caching with 1-2 minutes reload time
3) Load server with more then 1000 rps
4) Pages appears with wrong BOM and unrendable for any browser

b) With cache off
1) Do all in "a", except 2 (of couse)
2) Wait... :)
3) After certain number of entries users logging in will appear in
"Who's on" list, but auth cookie wll not set to anyone of those users
4) In cache table more then 2000 entries. After cache table clean up
evrything work until net couple of thouthand users...

Please advice what to do. Another question is why cache table loads
with data with cache off.

Thank you


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