[development] Nice Menus problem

अभिजीत किंजवडेकर abhik63 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 13:47:45 UTC 2006

hi all
I am a beginner to drupal development
I am facing  problem in  implementing Nice Menus, things are going smooth in
development of menus upto two levels of sub menus
In detail I am trying to develop following menu structure
About us
----National River Action Plan
----National Lake Conservation Plan
         and so on
The things are ok upto level of National River Action Plan but when I move
cursor over it, the options objectives and guidelines for both the menus
aggregate together and not apperring as a sepaate one
Please suggest me the way to solve the problem
Thanks in advance

अभिजीत किंजवडेकर
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