[development] submitting and processing a form!

John VanDyk jvandyk at iastate.edu
Tue Jul 4 14:20:17 UTC 2006

>That is exactly right. I always use this to send the user's browser to a
>path with all of the search terms in the URL. For example, search.module
>sends people to .../type/search+query. The following request will be a GET.
>Then a page can be served in the usual way, not needing to worry about
>$_POST. arg(n), hook_menu()'s callback arguments, and/or automatically
>passed callback arguments may be used.
>And the resulting page is bookmark-able.
>(or you can return either NULL or FALSE, I forget which, from
>formtest_submit() and turn off redirection and use $_POST wherever you
>need it)

NULL, so that $redirect will fail the isset test. Here is the code 
where it's tested (form.inc line 201):

         // Since we can only redirect to one page, only the last 
redirect will work
         $redirect = call_user_func_array($function, $args);
         if (isset($redirect)) {
           $goto = $redirect;

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