Fwd: [development] Moderation bit behavior

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jul 5 17:42:26 UTC 2006

> There is nothing wrong with having separate bit-fields in the
> database.  It's easy to use, easy to write SQL queries for, and
> probably faster as you don't have to do binary operations in the SQL
> queries.  Keep it simple.

Here is more:

They can only be On or Off, and cannot mean anything else. If you want
another state, you cannot get it from the current column, you have to create
a new one.

Grouping by a bit is not as simple or elegant or fast as grouping by a column
(involves a function at minimum).

What about database portability/abstraction? From what little I know Postgres
can have a problem with this (gurus, please confirm/debunk).

Since this is a database, a column for each "meaning" is far better.

It makes sense to use bitwise fields for operating systems, or systems
but otherwise, distinct fields are better.

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