[development] Modules for Core

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Fri Jul 7 19:31:10 UTC 2006

>   * Our core audience isn't blog users.

...Or discussion boards, or download sites, or portal sites, or
corporate PR people.

>   * We don't ship many other things that are very typical for blog
>     installations, like a wysiwig editor, urlfilter.module, or
>     Atom support.

This is very true. I still believe that Drupal For Bloggers could be one
of the easiest Drupal 'distros' to assemble. Blogapi would/could be an
integral part of that.

>   * It is unclear how blogapi will be supported by the future
>     of Drupal, especially with CCK hitting core and, presumably,
>     blog moving over to that.

"Badly," that's how. There are already hitches -- For example, modules
that add elements to the node form, and depend on 'default' values, will
never work properly with blogapi as it currently stands. That's a
problem outside blogapi's scope, though -- it's the 'programmatic
creation of nodes' issue that we all grapple with until FormAPI 2, The
Gathering, ships.

>   * There's only like one or two maintainers for it, right?
>     I don't get the impression that a large part of the
>     Drupal core developers give a crap about it.

Lots of Drupal core developers don't give a crap about other important
things. ;) I think blogapi is very important -- not just for bloggers,
but for anyone who wants to use some of the widely available tools for
posting/editing content.

But I do agree that it is a better fit for a contrib module and a
'blogging' distribution/installer profile.


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