[development] Modules: The Hit List

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Sat Jul 8 05:38:14 UTC 2006

Since it's turning into this discussion again, I figure I'll lay out
what *I* think should be cut, and why.

1) Aggregator
It's an awesome feature, but it's also far from universal. If the feed
parsing API were separated from the admin ui/block
generation/categories/etc, I would change my tune, though. Keep robust
feed parsing, but let the front end live in contrib.

2) Archive
Better modules already exist in contrib, and other solutions (like
events + views) also provide a really robust replacement.

3) Blog
Again, this one is really made for 'multi-blogging' and not single-user
blogging. It belongs in a blogging-specific distro.

4) Blogapi
As others have said, this is really cool but really belongs in contrib
and the install profiles that need it. Core support for more flexible
protocols like Atom (?) might be better.

5) Forum
Only useful to a specific subset of Drupal sites, and needs some love
and attention anyhow.

6) Page and Story
These are both eclipsed by chx's 'pave the way for cck' patch. Double
plus awesome on that patch.

7) Ping
Does this still work? It's blog specific anyhow, and doesn't work well
conceptually with non-blog sites.

9) Tracker
This works, but most sites need different displays. For contrib, Views
does it better.

10) Legacy
This is only useful if you're upgrading from specific old versions of
Drupal. It should be a convenience module that lives in contrib, not an
integral part of core.

11) Book
The dedicated content type is already being stripped away by chx's 'pave
the way for cck' patch, which is great. The outlining tools would be
really nice to include as a tool for building rigid navigation

12) Poll
'Nuff said. It's neat, but very limited and of use on a relatively small
cross-section of sites. There are a number of good patches for it in the
queue, and others have volunteered to pick it up if it moves out of

All of these modules couldbe rolled into a 'Drupal Classic' install
profile, and subsets could be rolled into 'blogging' profiles. The
result would be a 'core' that's actually core.

That is all. Thank you.

Please return to your regularly scheduled discussion about blogapi.


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