[development] bzr mirror

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Jul 8 11:12:14 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 7 juli 2006 08:46, schreef Bertrand Mansion:
> What's the point of this ? Is Drupal moving away from CVS or are you just
> playing with the idea ?

The real point is that many of us are completely fed up with CVS slowing our 
work and development down. But since we are all developers with our own 
minds, we will never agree upon another RCS. Ever! Some like SVN, others 
darcs again others BZR. Every alternative may seem the best alternative to 
some developers, yet others prefer other alternatives for just as valid 

This BZR is one of the many projects out there (Bryght has SVN mirrors, 
Richard had Darcs mirrors, etc) by a developer who wants to prove that 
his/her preferred system is the best. Lets just hope that one of them proves 
to be the best one over time.

Dries has said numerous times that he will consider moving away from CVS if 
the alternative is completely integrated into Drupal.org the same way as CVS 
is now. And that there is some general consensus that that alternative 
willactually improve the development. (And that consensus will never be 
reached, I fear. :) ) (Or something along these lines. *this is not a quote, 
but merely my interpretation from his words*!)


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