[development] Re: Patches

Frando (Franz Heinzmann) frando at xcite-online.de
Sun Jul 9 11:40:25 UTC 2006

What about having both in one theme?

My suggestion for a new standard core theme would be to have a base html
theme that's as universally valid as possible. Then, this html theme
will be put into a standard - 3column - layout by layout.css. Both the
HTML and the CSS can be used by designers as a starting point. Then, we
should have a second CSS file, style.css, that does all the styling,
color, background image, .. stuff to make our new default theme look
drupalish-unique and maybe even a little fancy (if that's wanted).

In other words:

1. "Perfect" HTML scaffold, no tables, content structure over design,
can be used as a starting point by designers (and probably will nearly
always be used)
2. First CSS file: layout CSS. Still very designer friendly and universal
3. Second CSS file: styling CSS. Makes our theme look great and unique.
Will maybe be used in some parts by designers as a source of inspiration.

best regards,

Bèr Kessels schrieb:
> Op vrijdag 7 juli 2006 15:51, schreef Dries Buytaert:
>>> 5. A new core theme: no patch yet
> What kind of theme should that be?
> I am developing a very SEO- accessible and designer friendly base theme ATM 
> (i.e. in lines of box grey, but without the left-right-center design. In 
> fact, without any Layout CSS, let alone styling CSS). I could aim that at 
> core instead of contribs?
> Or are we looking for a theme with Bling Bling but is not meant as start-off 
> for designers (i.e., in lines of friendselectric) ? In that case, my base 
> theme is not an option.
> The theme discussion here:
>   » http://groups.drupal.org/node/928, the links in there contain in depth 
> desicussion.
> An example (will *not* be released on Drupal) in progress theme built on that 
> base: . Just to show the power of that base theme. Read the source to see the 
> base theme. The example you see there is achieved *only* with CSS. All the 
> rest is that Base Theme. 
>   » http://www.vabusiness.us/?q=node 
> The first import, to gather feedback. After I finish my first real theme, I 
> will release the rest of that base theme. After all: It nees to actually work 
> in reality :)
>   » http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/themes/whatsinitsname/
>  Bèr

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