[development] replacing hook_user('form') with hook_form_alter()

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Mon Jul 10 14:40:37 UTC 2006

> different tabs when editing a profile. do people think this multiple tab 
> model is useful? if so, can modules achieve this in some way without 

Well, visually to the user, yes, the tabs are required. I'd hate to have 
a hundred fields on one particular user account page, without some sort 
of categorization or breakdown.

 From an API standpoint, no, I see no real reason why data has to come 
in as if it were separated into its categories. Internally, I don't 
think it makes any difference how the data is organized, and a module 
implementing a new tab should know what particular fields it expects to 
work on of the incoming data.

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