[development] making 'read more' themeable?

Tim Jones tones at toneland.net
Mon Jul 10 21:25:39 UTC 2006

Has there ever been discussion of making the "Read More" link themeable?

The node_link() function adds this link with preset text that can't  
be edited. This can be a problem; For instance, I often need to add  
an » or arrow graphic to the end of all my site's "Read More"  
links, or to have the link's "alt" tag read something other than  
"Read the rest of this posting." There's currently no way to do  
either of these without hacking core.

(My non-core-hacking solution on a few sites has been to use CSS:  
".read-more{display:none;}", ugh.)

Would it be a worthwhile DEP to replace this line of node_link() with  
a call to theme("read-more") or something similar?


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