[development] Question about Drupal ACLs

Nick Whalen drupal_acls at gottathink.com
Tue Jul 11 01:16:20 UTC 2006


I'm new to the mailing list so I'm sorry if this has been covered

I'm curious to see if there are built in mechanisms or maybe other
modules that will allow me to assign ACLs to specific nodes.  In
particular I want to show or hide menu items and restrict access to
their linked nodes based on a user's role.

So far I haven't found anything (that works) fitting this description in
Drupal or it's modules.  So my question is: Did I miss it, and if I
didn't would people in the community be interested in a module that
provided this level of access control?

Thanks for your time!

Nick Whalen <nick at gottathink.com>
Gottathink, LLC

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