[development] Question about Drupal ACLs

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Wed Jul 12 16:57:10 UTC 2006

I was using the taxonomy_access.module when I came across this.  There 
is an outstanding issue with Drupal core menu not respecting node access 
permissions in the db_rewrite_query.

This might shed some light:


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Dave Cohen wrote:
> Nick,
> Here's my understanding hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.  You 
> asked about hiding node and the menu items that link to them based on user 
> roles.
> Unfortunately, the menu items and the nodes are completely seperate things, 
> each with their own mechanism to hide or make visible.  Nodes can be 
> effectively hidden thanks to the node_access database table.  There are a 
> number of contrib packages that make use of this.  These packages hide nodes 
> based on taxonomy or user role or what have you.
> Menu items come from two places.  Either a) the database, or b) a hook_menu 
> callback.
> When generating a menu item via hook_menu, the programmer can associate an 
> access value with the item, effectively hiding it from some users.
> When the menu item comes from the database, there is no way to do this.  
> (someone correct me if I'm wrong.)  The item will always be visible to all 
> users.  These type of menu items are generated when you fill in the menu 
> settings fieldset on a node edit form, or when you add items from admin/menu.  
> Bottom line: there is no way to hide these items at present.
> To do what you want, you'll have to generate those menu items from hook_menu.
> -Dave
> On Wednesday 12 July 2006 07:43, Nick Whalen wrote:
>> On Mon, 2006-07-10 at 21:31 -0400, Khalid B wrote:
>>> Did you try simple_access?
>>> It allows access by role on the node level, via one level of indirection.
>> Yes I did, however it didn't meet my primary criteria of being able to
>> hide/show certain items on the primary nav menu based on what role of
>> user was logged in.  Any other suggestions?
>> (Sorry it took so long to reply, been busy ;))
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