[development] Two performance improvements

Alan Dixon alan.g.dixon at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 18:24:02 UTC 2006

since you're using i18n and 4.6, this sounds like it might be this issue:


which can be mitigated with an index but is really a sort of a
complicated bug about the init_ hook.

On 7/11/06, Jakub Suchy <jakub at rtfm.cz> wrote:
> This query is executed more than 11 times every time:
> SELECT s.lid, t.translation FROM locales_source s INNER JOIN locales_target t ON s.lid = t.lid WHERE s.source = '' AND t.locale = 'cs'
> I don't understand where may appear empty locale string and can't
> imagine how to debug this, can anybody help?

Alan Dixon, Web Developer

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