[development] Two performance improvements

Jakub Suchy jakub at rtfm.cz
Thu Jul 13 22:34:12 UTC 2006

Alan Dixon wrote:
> In general, it makes sense for a source = '' to be the slowest (since
> the more data you have the faster the match), but it also seems like a
> waste to be doing this since you already know the answer (or do you
> ever want to translate the empty string?).
> How about putting this into line 134 of  locale.module as an experiment:
> if (!$string) return;

i already managed to find all occurences of source = '', it is caused at
first by mine altered taxonomy_dhtml module, but i think it is present
in CVS version too. Just some l(..., array('title' =>
t($term->description))), where description is empty most of the times (most
of the times for me or for most of the sites? :) Imagine taxonomy of 10
terms, printed at taxonomy_dhtml page as content and as a block. This
generates 20 bogus SQL queries...

I don't think it is an experiment. Do we want to translate empty string?
Maybe this should be posted as an issue to locale.module...

Jakub Suchy

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