[development] How to create a 'registered by' field in the registration form?

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Fri Jul 14 15:54:08 UTC 2006

On Fri, July 14, 2006 8:36 am, Kobus Myburgh said:
> Hi,
> <rant>
> It seemed like a support question to me. Now I don't want to be
> finnicky or something, but exactly *when* is a question for support
> appropriate for the development list? If you allow certain people to
> post support questions to the development list, you should allow
> everybody to do so. Why not stick to the appropriate channels? The fact
> that Leo (or me, or you) is distinguished doesn't mean we shouldn't
> follow the appropriate channels.
> </rant>

I'd actually ask a slightly different question.  Where's the split between
usage support and development support?

Usage support (How do I do X with Drupal and various modules) is
definitely the realm of support@ and #drupal-support.  But what about
development support (How would I do X using hook_form_alter(), how would I
go about writing this algorithm)?  Does that go to the -support channels
or to this list?  Or is this list just for core development?

And what of questions more like "Do I need to write X, and if so how, or
did someone already do it and I just don't know about it?"  Where do those

Honest question, as I really don't know the answer. :-)

Oh, and Leo, I'd suggest piggybacking of off one of the existing
refer-a-friend modules/systems.  Only let someone register if they click a
link with some sort of hashed token in an email sent to them from the site
by someone else.  If the token's not there, just refuse to show the sign
up form.  If it is, preload a hidden field with the referring user, as
specified by the passed data.  It's not air-tight, but should be enough to
get the message across.  Sounds like a good extension to an existing
invite-a-friend module.


--Larry Garfield

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