[development] Request for listing in Services page at Drupal.org

F. Rodriguez Fabian at FabianRodriguez.com
Mon Jul 17 16:46:35 UTC 2006

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Last week Koumbit.org was added to the services listings ar
Drupal.org, many thanks to Khalid for the prompt update & small

Who should I ask to list Koumbit.org in the hosting listing (
http://drupal.org/services/hosting ) ?

Many thanks,

Fabian Rodriguez

F. Rodriguez escribió:
> Hello,
> I'd like to request a listing for Koumbit at Drupal.org in the
> Services page ( http://drupal.org/drupal-services ) and also in the
>  Hosting page (http://drupal.org/services/hosting).
> "Koumbit is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote
> the appropriation of free, libre and open software by social groups
> in Quebec, in Canada and abroad. " More about Koumbit at:
> http://koumbit.org/en/apropos
> Our Drupal experience has been summarized here:
> http://koumbit.org/en/DrupalExperience "Koumbit has a staff of over
> half-a-dozen technicians with significant Drupal experience as
> designers, developers, administrators and testers of Drupal sites.
> Many in the team have been working with this tool since fall 2001
> and, as a result, Koumbit is increasingly recognised as one of
> Canada's leading authorities on Drupal.
> Koumbit's expertise covers the whole range skills from
> implementation, graphic design and usability testing to
> programming, system administration and database integration.
> Koumbit staff have developed over 50 Drupal/CivicSpace websites and
>  have been regular contributors to the Drupal community. This
> contribution has taken the form of modules, patches to modules,
> translations, graphical templates/themes and comprehensive
> training. Moreover, many of the completed projects have involved
> advanced techniques such as integrating multiple instances of
> Drupal, implementing various multilingual configurations (including
>  right-to-left languages), migrating data and functionality from
> other CMSs and developing custom user-interfaces."
> Koumbit's contributions to Drupal can be viewed in detail by
> checking our members' profiles under Track -> Track code. Their
> profiles are available here:
> http://drupal.org/profile/companies/Koumbit
> David Lesieur, Omar Bickell, Mathieu Petit-Clair and Antoine
> Beaupré are among our active Drupal contributors. I am joining on
> translation of modules.
> Many thanks for considering adding Koumbit.org to your support
> resources under both Services and Hosting.
> Cheers,
> Fabián Rodríguez Conseiller principal, Technologies libres et
> sécurité des TI http://www.fabianrodriguez.com 514-812-5615
> -- Fabián Rodríguez Conseiller principal, Technologies libres et
> sécurité des TI http://www.fabianrodriguez.com 514-812-5615


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