[development] what's a "user"? (was re: Have you ever laughed fate in the face?)

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Tue Jul 18 22:04:35 UTC 2006

On 7/18/06, Derek Wright <drupal at dwwright.net> wrote:
> if you really want to split out the sub-group of admins that install
> their own site from the ones that have it handed to them by a
> consultant or hosting company, you could add a 4th term to my list:
> "site builder" (or something).  so, you'd have:
> developer
> site builder
> admin
> user
> would that make you happier?  true, some changes only effect site
> builders and not admins, so in the interest of avoiding ambiguity, i
> suppose that 4th classification could be helpful.  and, i guess that
> themeing and "designing" is a layer that usually lives between
> developer and admin, so that's another group of folks to lump in as
> "site builders".  that said, my goal is to use concise terminology,
> so if you're talking about a change that only matters for people
> doing themeing, you can just say so...

>From Neil's email on the subject:

What group of users who might want this? [1]
> - New user:
> - Web developer:
> - Site maintainer:
> - Power user:

Which cites the definitions given in this survey:


I think we've got user definitions and that they are pretty good.  And
I think we should try to make sure Drupal is easy to use for all of


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