[development] Have you ever laughed fate in the face?

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Wed Jul 19 08:47:16 UTC 2006

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
> Neil Drumm wrote:
>> Why do we need the ability to enable or disable trashbins or confirm
>> screens? Are there any precedents or conventions for this in other
>> software, web or otherwise? What group of users who might want this? [1]
> I have requested that Drupal be made more modular so that people who
> want it can use Chad's trashbin.module and people who don't (me) don't
> need to bloat their Drupal by a largish amount of code.

If there is a lot of additional code, then it should be included
conditionally as we usually do.

>> This isn't good for consistency either. More and more people are using
>> multiple Drupal sites. Different delete workflows following identical
>> buttons on different sites will lead to confusion [2]. In this case,
>> confusion could be disastrous.
> No Drupal site is the same as any other. With the same argument you
> could argue against things like form API's ability to put in new fields
> into preexisting forms. Yet you didn't, IIRC.

I think form API is a significantly different situation.

>> Instead, I think we should set up guidelines for deletion. Here is a
>> draft:
> Sorry, no. Your guidelines might be right for your site(s) but wrong for
> mine, they might be right in one culture and wrong in multiple others.

Thats why we back up the guidelines with supporting works, research, and
testing as appropriate.

We already have the 'bad' and 'okay' guidelines in our unwritten set of

> We should not strive to take choices away from people who want to build
> websites.

We should offer the right choices.

Neil Drumm

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