[development] admin/user filter patch for core

Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines chad at apartmentlines.com
Wed Jul 19 23:57:19 UTC 2006

i've taken the time to revive jjeff's original patch for a user  
filter at admin/user.  the patch allows you to filter by role,  
permission, or status, and is a sorely needed piece of functionality  
for sites with large user bases.  at this point i haven't done more  
than update the patch to current HEAD and make a few minor tweaks--it  
definitely needs eyes on it, both for coding style and usability.   
i'd like to urge folks to please have a look at this work and help me  
get it core worthy prior to the code freeze--it would be a shame to  
see this slip another release cycle...

latest patch is here:


and for those of you who just want to see it in action, i've taken  
the time to set up a demo site here:



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