[development] Deleted records [Have you ever laughed fate in the face?]

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Thu Jul 20 13:44:20 UTC 2006

Rowan Kerr wrote:
> On 20-Jul-06, at 12:17 AM, sime wrote:
>> So just for the record, I would like a "deleted" column in Drupal.
> In some of our internal applications, we've gone with a "deleted date" 
> field to indicate when a particular record was marked as deleted by a 
> user. So you get built in tracking of actions, and the system can easily 
> filter out items with a deleted date (> 0 or "not null" depending how 
> prefer your tables) while being able to hang onto the data in case it is 
> needed later on.

if you didn't want to do custom development, you could use workflow and 
workflow_access for this. worflow_access is part of the na_arbitrator bundle.

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