WAS: [development] Caching, caching, caching... authenticated header for Apache 2.2 caching

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri Jul 21 16:25:54 UTC 2006

On Jul 11, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:

> Luckily, the problems we've had (namely the CPU on the db server  
> being saturated) were resolved by more mundane means (optimze your  
> database on occassion...), but since we continue to experience a  
> growing number of visitors on drupal.org, better caching is no  
> waste of time.

http://api.drupal.org/api/HEAD/function/drupal_page_header  does not  
issue an authenticated header.  If it did, we could use Apache 2.2  
cache in memory or file caching.  I suspect that serving cached pages  
from an apache cache in memory will avoid both a Apache HTTPD thread  
with PHP running at 20-30MB as well as avoid MySQL thread which can  
be massive if large buffers are configured for(frequently  
unnecessarily for both MyISAM and InnoDB by default) MySQL.  This  
seems the cheapest an most effective place to cache short of getting  
another server for a Squid proxy.


In the "What can be cached section?"

# If the request contains an "Authorization:" header, the response  
will not be cached.
# If the response contains an "Authorization:" header, it must also  
contain an "s-maxage", "must-revalidate" or "public" option in the  
"Cache-Control:" header.

This should be relatively straight forward.  Anyone sitting on a  
patch for this already?  Anyone care to share experience using Apache  
2.2 caching?

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