[development] Design Flaws in Drupal Caching System

Alex Markley alex at malexmedia.net
Wed Jul 26 07:38:58 UTC 2006

> In the upper left is a "What's on now" block. I created this by using in 
> the block to display the correct info based on current time. But, when I 
> turn on the cache, whatever show was on at the time the cache was turned 
> on stays there forever.

Well, I think that the current implementation caches entire pages 
instead of objects within pages. Thus, it sounds like you want to avoid 
caching altogether.

My beef is just that core doesn't have a maximum lifetime for cache 
items or a method for intelligently expiring cached items when they can 
programmatically be deemed stale. Even worse, the currently-released 
code doesn't even play nice with its own 
delete-everything-when-anything-changes policy, so a newbie admin could 
end up serving stale content to anonymous users for months at a time.

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