[development] Developing modules for a photo agency

Hannes Lilljequist hannes at perrito.se
Thu Jul 27 07:46:52 UTC 2006

27 jul 2006 kl. 09.02 skrev Dries Buytaert:

>> FWIW: I developed newsphoto approx half a year ago. http:// 
>> newsphoto.nl/. We
>> have discontinued the site (last content from months ago), because  
>> Drupal was
>> not a good candidate to suit our needs. After investigation, we  
>> bought a
>> commercial image shop tool, which is being developed now to  
>> replace the
>> Drupal at newsphoto.nl.
> It would help if you'd explain why you threw out Drupal.  Without  
> that information, your e-mail has _no_ added value.  So care to  
> elaborate?

I don't feel it would be that hard to extend or customize Drupal's  
image features into something that fits my needs (#1 & #2 in my  
original post).
What I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with right now is the whole  
ordering/ecommerce part.

So obviously I too am interested in why Drupal didn't suit your needs.


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