[development] Fwd: [SECURITY] [DSA 1125-1] New drupal packages fix execution of arbitrary web script code

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu Jul 27 15:22:06 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 27 juli 2006 13:09, schreef Adrian Rossouw:
> nothing is stopping you from running drupal on the command line.
> All you need to do is set some environment variables before you  
> bootstrap.
> We need meta-data and dependency information before we can do that  
> though.
> Now that we have modules in their own directories, that entire  
> process can start up again.

.... this is what sympal scripts aims at. See here for a detailed list of what 
the 1.0 of these scripts should do: http://webschuur.com/node/637 (the 
commandline documentation)


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