[development] Fwd: [SECURITY] [DSA 1125-1] New drupal packages fix execution of arbitrary web script code

James Gilliland neclimdul at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 17:28:15 UTC 2006

Gentoo has a setup for all this(and the latest drupal just as a note).  It
installs to any web application like drupal or phpmyadmin to
/usr/share/webapp/<packagename>/<version>/  then you use the gentoo
webapp-config to update or install it to your webdirectory.   If this where
not the case there would be even more complicated problems associated with
keeping track of vhost installs.  Based on the work I've seen in Gentoo web
applications in a disto are tricky business.  I'm not sure about Debian but
I thought I'd give you some perspective from Gentoo's solution to the

Even so I think providing an updated package for Ubuntu seems like a good
idea to me.  That's my 2c.


On 7/27/06, Sanduhrs <sanduhrs at audiens.de> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2006 17:22 schrieb Bèr Kessels:
> > .... this is what sympal scripts aims at. See here for a detailed list
> of
> > what the 1.0 of these scripts should do: http://webschuur.com/node/637(the
> > commandline documentation)
> Access denied :/
> >
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