[development] Modules page rework

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sun Jul 30 12:08:54 UTC 2006

>> I cannot disagree with Morbus any more vehemently.  I've been trying 
>> to get some kind of version identification feature for modules for 
>> over 2 years.  I waste way the hell too much time trying to remember 
>> wtf version of a site and contrib modules I'm running on a site that I 
>> administer from time to time. Having it all listed on the modules page 
>> is fantastic and will save me lots of time and headaches in the 
>> future.  (And yes, we need contrib modules to have version numbers.)
> I think Morbus got this one, having not quite understood it at first, 
> and is basically on board with it, except perhaps for the default 
> versioning of core modules.

I'm fine with the core modules being Drupal release ver.

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