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Arnab Nandi arnab at arnab.org
Mon Jul 31 20:29:13 UTC 2006

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While we're talking about authentication systems, I thought it would
be relevant to mention "Cosign" ( http://weblogin.org ):

"An open source project originally designed to provide the University
of Michigan with a secure single sign-on web authentication system.
Cosign is part of the National Science Foundation Middleware
Initiative (NMI)"

This is a single-point auth system, in contrast to OpenID, which does
the opposite. However, this is extremely useful in institutions
(universities, companies, etc) where there is a universal login system
already in place. (All of UofM's ITservices use this)

I haven't seen any Drupal client implementations that implement this;
does anyone know of one?

(note: i am not related to the cosign project in any way)

On 7/31/06, Dries Buytaert <dries.buytaert at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello world,
> take a look at http://iwantmyopenid.org/.
> "Soon we will be granting $5,000 USD directly to ten open-source
> projects that successfully implement OpenID."
> I talked to Scott Kveten (CEO of Janrain) and Corey Shields (OSL) and
> they would be willing to wire the $5,000 USD directly to OSL so they
> can buy us an additional machine, something which we might need in
> the near future.
> I think this makes for a good opportunity to implement OpenID into
> Drupal core, and to get rid of our own distributed authentication
> framework.  We talked about this earlier, and I believe there was a
> consensus about the fact we should adopt a standard.
> I believe that OpenID is they way to go so even without a bounty it
> would be of "strategic importance".
> Thoughts?
> --
> Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/


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