[development] Student developer looking for some drupal mentoring

Trevor Mckeown tmckeown at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 15:21:26 UTC 2006

Is there a developer's IRC channel I could ask a few questions on?   I
have started work on two module of my own, and i need a little
guidance on how to start a project on the drupal site and some help
answering a few miscellaneous questions.

I am a student, who managed to get an internship developing drupal
modules for the summer.  I've talked it over with my boss and we are
going to contribute all the work I do back to the community. I was
going to apply for google SOC, but I knew I would have my hands full
with this internship.  Never the less, I could still use some
guidiance from a sessioned php/drupal developer.

Here is the website I am currently working on.
http://www.openmfg.org.   Most notably I managed to do a little black
magic and achieve partial integration with mantis bug tacking system.
I have also made a few modifations to the listserve module to work
with postgreSQL.  I managed to set up another example of ezmlm, qmail,
mailhandler, listhandler forum to listserve set up.  I read someone
where that there was a desire for a howto to be written on this.  It
that still the case?

Please take a look around and if anyone is willing to act as a mentor
or wants to lend a hand you can contact me off list.


Trevor Mckeown

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