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On  02.Jun.2006, at 11:35, blogdiva at culturekitchen.com wrote:

> As I have told many a software / net artist : If a child cannot use  
> the artwork consider the UI a failure. In the case of Drupal, you  
> dont have to make it easy for a 6 year old to install and maintain,  
> but you may want to think more along the lines of ... and yeah, I  
> can be sexist about this ... cheerleaders in tight abercrombie and  
> fitch wet tshirts wanting to make their own "suicide girls" site.
> This, I insist, is the trend that's going to explode in the next 18  
> months.

I hit the send button too soon.

One more point I want to make about demographics and usability.

57% of bloggers are women. Women tend to make communities with their  
blogs; which is why a big chunk of these women bloggers used to be  
found in LiveJournal. The two fastest growing services at the moment  
are MySpace and Facebook.

In my chunk of the blogosphere (I am on the advisory board of  
BlogHer), most women are running multiple sites : a blog, a myspace,  
a livejournal and if they are young enough a facebook. As someone  
following the growing audiences of some of these women (I am writing  
an article about this for a major US magazine), i can see that it's  
becoming increasingly difficult for these power users to manage all  
their blogs --because the more connected they are elsewhere, the more  
traffic and demands of community interactivity the are getting from  
their commenters. In other words, MySpace and Facebook are  
transforming the blogosphere. People dont want to be just commenters.  
They want to be part of a community.

I could go on and on. I'll post on my site and y'all can follow up  


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