[development] Forms API and #required file fields

Laura Scott laura at pingv.com
Sun Jun 4 00:13:37 UTC 2006

On Jun 3, 2006, at 5:58 PM, Laura Scott wrote:

> On Jun 3, 2006, at 11:44 AM, Boris Mann wrote:
>> On 3-Jun-06, at 8:03 AM, Laura Scott wrote:
>>> FYI....
>>> Check out http://groups.drupal.org/node/225 -- discussion on  
>>> reworking core upload to make it immensely scalable.
>> Err....no, not really. Some thoughts on techniques if you need  
>> massive scalability, plus some messing about with how can we  
>> utilize Amazon S3.
> I stand corrected. What I get for lazy reading.

Forgive the run-on response... Here's what gave me the impression:

> And the problem with filemanager/attachment is that it needs to be  
> reworked as a patch/patches against core. It's fine (perhaps) for  
> specific web sites, but we want this general functionality in  
> Drupal core. (http://groups.drupal.org/node/225#comment-1582)

So NOT reworking upload, but getting some sort of scalable  
fileserving into core. +++1. I would like to help however I can as  
soon as I can.


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