[development] Move multiple theme per site support to contrib module

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Tue Jun 6 14:49:18 UTC 2006

I was playing with theme stuff again, and I realised how completely  
sub-optimal the current configuration is.

How many people actually use user specified themes on their sites?  
This is the kind of functionality that only
really clutters up the default interface, and confuses a lot of  
people for no good reason.

We should simply remove the 'enabled' checkbox, and rename the  
default radio to 'enable'.

This removes a chunk of code , and all this can very easily be done  
via _form_alter now, for those that need it.

What I would also like to see , is that we re-organise the the admin  
as follows :
        theme (default tab)
        regions (tab, ie: what admin/blocks used to be)
        settings (tab)

Also. completely getting rid of the tiered theme setting stuff, and  
only having one set of settings, per theme (same with the block)

I do believe that the block / region settings are very much a display  

Adrian Rossouw
Drupal developer and Bryght Guy
http://drupal.org | http://bryght.com

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