Weights are not the solution? Re: [development] altering an altered form

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jun 9 13:42:48 UTC 2006

Op donderdag 8 juni 2006 05:19, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
> Yes. system.weight defines calling order always.

weights aer nothing more then another layer. 
What if you alter an altered form, where the other one has a weight set? 
weights don't really solve any issue, they just move the issue of conflicts 
one level away. 

I beleive we should get rid of the weights in favour of something like:  
  * roundtrips. A hook not only returns a value, but also a flag whether the 
current hook call should be 
	* Stopped right now, and reran from start, but then containing the current 		
	* Continued and stopped after a complete roundtrip, just like Drupal does 
	* Continued and reran after a complete roundtrip,  but then containing the 
	  current data.
   This is particularly hard because you need to build in measures to not end 
in endless loops.

  * Hook registration. Instead of looking around if a hook exists on each 
pageload, all modules register their hooks. A central API *and* a UI can then 
allow us to reorder, switch on/off, ignore etc hooks. 

Yes, both are a lot of work. And no, I am not volunteering :) And yes,I feel I 
am alowed to speak about this, without actually coding it. 

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