[development] Data-driven database tables and updates

Dries Buytaert dries.buytaert at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 22:31:55 UTC 2006

On 09 Jun 2006, at 19:44, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
>> Adrian Roussow is working on something like this already.

> I wish I was. But sadly Dries has (in no uncertain terms) said he  
> didn't like the idea.

If the majority of the people think this is a good idea, I'd be happy  
to go with this direction.

As mentioned, I understand the advantages of said system, but I still  
prefer the transparency and simplicity of "raw" SQL statements.

SQL is an abstraction layer, and one that is documented in hundreds  
of books and articles.   It is my opinion that creating a Drupal- 
specific abstraction layer on top of an existing, standards compliant  
abstraction layer used by hundreds of thousands of people creates an  
additional barrier for developers that are new to Drupal, but that  
are familiar to SQL.

I, for one, wouldn't want to learn an application specific SQL-like  
description language.  As a developer, it would sorta turn me off,  
and make me shout 'bloat!'.

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