[development] Install profiles tutorial for Drupal 4.7, Friday 8AM PST

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jun 11 08:23:45 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 10 juni 2006 04:33, schreef Steven Wittens:
> I know that you feel burned by our review process... 

I don't. I just feel an urge to improve it. Much larger OSS projects, with 
equally or better code manage to survive with much openener and fre-er 
systems. Or even with much closer and more formal systems. But this has 
nothing to do with the current thread.

> but your comment  
> that the patch queue is only open "to those that can review patches"  
> is plain nonsense. 

No its not. The happy few patches that come with a screenshot and/or large 
documentation, get some reviews by those that cannot apply patches or read 
code. All others require alt least good knowledge of Drupal, PHP and 
patching. I asked a KDE usability 'expert' once to look at certain usabilty 
issues, but she turned away with horror: "there is nothing to review, only 
some giberrish code". But again: I only put this in my defence, its not 
really on topic :)

> It is open to anyone who wants. Newsflash: I'm in   
> the middle of my final exams and I still spent over an hour figuring  
> out and reviewing that install patch. Why? Because I /want/ the  
> installer into core, but I also want it to be the right solution. For  
> me, it needs to be secure, usable, flexible and bugfree.... but most  
> importantly, simple and elegant.

True. And I meant "review" in a bit larger way. review as in code, is best 
done in patch queues. Certainly. But I am 100% sure that we wuold have never 
gotten to CCK as it stands now, without flexinode being beaten and abused "in 
the wild". Ever. And CCK will go trough the same, I am sure, before it is 
even considered core worthy. 

WE should not underestimate the power of our agile quick, and open way of 
developing contribs. They take time to shape into perfection, but the good 
stuff ends in a very good shape too. Sometimes much faster, and much better 
then core. 

If they don't get enough exposure, then we should not say that contribs are no 
good because of the, but make sure they do get enough of that exposure.


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